The What-If

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Girls be like (reference: myself);

Pencil case penuh dengan pen, highlighters and other stationery yet use only one pen in class. Why bother bringing all of other things? Because it's for 'what-if' situation. eg. What if suddenly I want to use all the highlighters in the class? (to loose the boredom)

Luggage penuh baju dengan tudung, yet seminggu pergi kelas ulang pakai benda sama. Why bother bringing all of other clothes kalau dah tahu memang tak pakai pergi kelas? Again, because it's for 'what-if' situation. eg. I rarely wear green tudung but what if I want to wear it for a themed event? Makanya kena bawak.

Kasut bawak sampai 6 kotak (yeah I like keeping my shoes in boxes), seriously never realize that I brought a lot! So what I have here in my room; 2 pair of sneakers, a pair of sport shoes, a pair of high heels, a pair of sandal and a pair of flat shoes (oh and plus the flip-flops haha). Why bother bringing all of these shoes when you wear only one or two kind of shoes when going to classes? And yes, you know the answer - it's for what-if situation. What if tetiba rasa nak jogging (puihh). What if tetiba ada event nak kena pakai heels?

Kotak buku, ada previous semesters punya notes yang nak bawak jugak, again for what-if situation. What if I need to refer to that notes? Padahal nak cari pape google jugak. Why bother why bother.

All these things for the what-if situations actually giving me hard time bila nak pindah bilik. Barang banyak nak arwah disebabkan depa nilah, tapi still nak bawak jugak walaupun terang-terang rasa benda tu tak perlu. Dey tinggal jelah kat rumah ayah, dah kalau urgent sangat mintak ayah tolong hantarkan. But the thing is, tak nak susahkan ayah ulang-alik nak datang Gombak. Oh and the palang thingy lagilah malas nak suruh ayah datang.

Oh and perhaps I may not be able to have a minimalist-concept house just because I'm keeping lots of unneccessary things? Aaaa no waayyyyyy.

Okay you may ignore this post, it's actually me membebel kat diri sendiri. (But you already read it)