See You in Court!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Alhamdulillah done presenting court proceedings for course Commercial Law. Jadi student law kejap for that day. Court proceedings is obviously a new thing for us, the accounting students. Ditakdirkan pulak kitorang group first, memang jadi benchmark orang lain ah. Seriously memang tak tahu macam mana yang namanya court proceedings tu. But we got help, thanks to Aini, student law yang sanggup tolong baca case kitorang, explain in details and siap buatkan skrip untuk proceedings lagi haha thanks!

But em tak puas hati dengan presentation ni, sebab rasa sangatlah tak menepati requirements. A video that was supposed to be 5-minute with facts of the case became a 3-minute video with simple case scenario. Yeah I was worried for not putting enough information in the video, but I was running out of time so I didn't add much change. Well, I guess most of the mistakes was mine. Sorry, groupmates!

Down jugak ah kejap, sebab kitorang group first but madam's comment seemed highlighting all the mistakes we've done. Madammm takkan takde satu benda yang okay kot? Perhaps not. Even our court proceedings was way too boring. We're not very well guided on how to do this, but other groups after us now know what madam wants and what not so yeah it seems unfair ..? And we're informed about our presentation date 2 weeks before, yeah ... enough time to find the law case report, to read and understand the whole case (memang students accounting pandai hadam law case pun), to prepare a video, to prepare for everything while some others have about 1-month or more time to prepare.

Ugh apahal duk mengungkit ni Athirah? Hidup ni jange duk deki gak. No, I'm not. Dah redha dah pun. I can't expect that lecturers are going to spoon-feed me every single thing, right? Alright, we'll try better next time.

Oh I was the lawyer by the way. (One of my ambitions when I was little hiks)
And I wore white tudung, of which I'll never wear again. I look ugly ...