بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Shah Alam, 2016

Second year first semester, checked! It's my first year of entering the Accounting department and I feel like giving up already. Okay, I actually gave up a little bit and even thought of changing department but which department would fit me better? Oh wait lemme change the question, which department I can fit in other than accounting? ... I should change the kulliyyah instead.

It was really tough, even though this is the early stage. But nothing is easy in life, right? Behind every success there are thousands failures, so I don't think this is the right time to give up. In fact, there is no perfect time to give up because ... no one should ever give up! Whoa I'm being a little bit philosophical right now. Okay now I sounds like my Marketing lecturer who always said like that.

I followed this one girl on instagram, who used to study in the same place with my sister during her matriculation. She has her own business, selling scarfs and clothings. She's beautiful, she's one of the faces of Safi Shayla. She studied Accouting. She involved in volunteerism. She covered her aurah. She just got married this year. And the best part is, recently she's being offered to work in Deloitte, one of the big audit firms. What a beauty with a brain! I'm always inspired by her. Despite her busy life with business & modelling yet she still able to succeed in her education. Oh her name is Athirah Halim.

Idok le sayo nok jadi model ke hapee but it seems like I can't even handle my education with some commitments with the university's society. Duhhh help me! I'm glad that semester finally ended, I just need time to re-organize myself. That hectic semester gave me fever 2 times, yes I had fever during my final exam week (hek eleh dua kali je pun) Yelah 2 kali je pun tapi tak best bila demam tu segala kerja tak jalan, makan pun takde selera. Kifarah dosa mungkin, dosa banyak sangat. Mungkin sebab cuaca jugak kan, plus dengan sem ni banyak hadap laptop sampai mata pun rasa semacam je sekarang, asyik sakit leher and sakit belakang.

That's it, time to re-organize!