Kedekut Ilmu?

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Mahallah Safiyyah IIUM, 2016

Since I now lost focus on my revision because of the non-stop questions through whatsapp, hence I decided to write here. I can't even focus anyway, daripada termenung berjam-jam hadap notes tapi tak paham, better waste time some more yeah thanks for making me lose my focus.

This always happened to me in the semester end, which is during final exam period. Seriously guys, I really don't mind, in fact I would love to answer every question, but take it easy mannn. I didn't switch off the wifi or internet data on purpose, I did it because I need some focus. But you don't respect my choice. When I didn't reply at the time you're asking, you asked some other people near me to make me read the whatsapp. Awak, sabar itu sebahagian daripada iman.

Bukan aku kedekut ilmu, no! If I were blessed with the genius brain, I would definitely do a tutor class (who knows), but the fact is I'm not. I'm just like other normal students, who loves last-minute study. And yet with all this interruption, how am I supposed to focus? Bukan tak nak jawab soalan-soalan tu, of course I will, it's just maybe not on the spot. Maybe later but obviously not the day after (I never left my whatsapp unreplied more than 24 hours).

Sometimes, I don't even revise some topics and you asked me about that. How am supposed to give answer immediately for something that I'm not even sure or have knowledge about it? What if I give wrong information? I'll be blamed. And what if I said I don't know? You'll think I'm being 'kedekut ilmu.' I seriously don't want people to label me that way. Like I said, I would love to share the knowledge but now it's not enough to answer your questions, so give me time to read some more la haiya sabo sikit boleh dak.

Please, have some respect and patience.