Happy Teachers' Day

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Sempena Teachers' Day, let's thanks our teachers for educating us from ABC and 123 to complicated essays and mathematical equations. But beforehand, thousands thanks to my very first teachers until now; 
Encik Wan Marzuki and Puan Norisa. 

And to my teachers from these formal institutions:
Tadika KEMAS (2000)
Excellent Child Centre (2001)
SK Sultan Ibrahim Satu (2002-2007)
SMK Kubang Bemban (2008-2012)
Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM (2013-2014)
International Islamic University Malaysia (2015-present)

Not to forget ustaz & ustazah kelas mengaji dari umur 5 tahun sampai darjah 5, alhamdulillah khatam Quran makan pulut kuning. Eh? And also to kawan-kawan and anyone else yang terlibat secara langsung or tak langsung berkongsi ilmu dengan diri ini.

Bila listkan macam ni, rasa macam nak buat throwback. Yeah why not, every place has its own memories, right? But not now, it’ll take 10 pages haha I love reminiscing the memories. I’ll do it in stages, stay tuned!

Kau ingat orang kisah pasal kau? Emm ada aku kisah orang kisah ke tak. Okay now the word ‘kisah’ looks weird. Have you guys feel like this? Reading a word repeatedly until it seems weird and wrong but actually there’s nothing wrong with it. Kbai.