Busy Fever

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I guess it's a routine for me to have end-of-semester post. Well you need to do something unimportant before you get into the study-week mood. Yeah still searching for the mood, though. This semester made me feels like giving up on studying, like seriously. I feel like a complete idiot who learns for the sake of exams but knows nothing in the real life. And because of that, now I don’t feel like studying at all, not even for the exam. Duh tajdid your niat, Athirah! Easier said than done, huh?

Last week was the most hectic and crazy week as I had tons of presentations and report submissions but none of them were fully completed, because the weekend before was a long weekend (labors’ day, people) and mostly people went home and yeah, the group projects got stuck in the halfway. Not blaming anyone, I went home too kihkih.

Presentation on Tuesday, but we completed the slides about 2 hours before the presentation. Kau rasa? Then, quiz on Wednesday, of which we’re informed about it the day before. Not enough preparation? Obviously! I put the best tawakal to Allah with the hope I remembered what I learnt in class because I was busy compiling the reports the night before and have no time to open the book. Alhamdulillah the mark was satisfying, not excellent but good.

Also on Wednesday, I have group presentation and report submission, of which gave me tense for a moment when one of our group members couldn’t come for the presentation. Well, we already expect that to happen because he never shows up in any of the discussion. Now I have experience of working with this kind of people. You’re annoying, man. That’s all I can say.

And another report submission on Thursday. The interesting part is that everything was done on the day before. What I meant by everything is we started from zero, not working on draft or whatsoever. Alhamdulillah groupmates were amazing, doing own parts and give good cooperation. So yeah completing a report within one day is possible, only if you have good groupmates (unlike that guy ...)


On Thursday, I celebrated the joy of freedom with fever. In the late evening class, I was literally shaking in the class because it was waaaayyy too cold. Thanks to encik ayah, he called on the right time after the class asking whether I want to go home. That was the worst fever I guess because I don’t usually go to clinic whenever I’m down with fever. I believed that fever was due to many hours of facing laptops (compiling the reports and slides) and late meal. My back and neck still aching, but I hope they’ll recover soon. Pray for my health and pray for my exams!