Lesson Learnt

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

We had a groupwork for Intermediate Accounting today. Confident ah ni kononnya sebab previous exercises semua dapat betul and balanced. Time groupwork, tudiaa menggelabah kalut tak tentu pasal, tak paham itu ini (blamed myself for taking lots of time to understand some information). Rasa down kejap sebab rasanya tak pernah tak balance for any quiz or groupwork. Uuuu poyo nak arwah. Yeah, hidup ibarat roda. Kekadang di atas, kekadang di bawah. Please learn from failure, Athirah.
Lesson learnt - jangan over-confident.
Lesson learnt 2 - jangan kalut.

And then we had a presentation for Decision Science. Since it involves numbers so yeah I thought it's quite simple to be explained so I don't really prepare the text, which I always do in my presentation. And there you go Athirah, messing up with the pronunciation (haha this seriously reminds me to the BM's presentation where I said 'saudara pengacari'). And kena hint dengan sir sebab directly menghadap slides. Well not really, I did look at the audiences sometimes but yeah didn't know where it went wrong. Sorry that you have to look at my back instead of my face. I know it's hard for you (yeah if you know what I mean ..)
Lesson learnt - be prepared.
Lesson learnt 2 - don't take easy-going lecturer for granted.