Future Plan

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

A day to remember *senyum lebar* Why? No need to know why.

In Business Ethics class today, we're the chosen one! (or chosen few? Chosen group?) In every class, we'll have on-the-spot presentation where the lecturer will randomly appoint any group to do a presentation on topic to be learned on that day. As for today's class, he already gave the topic yesterday, of a book, with 26 pages ... And yet he expect us to read it in one night .. seriously sir. Well, I only managed to read around 5-8 pages but still, didn't prepare myself for the possibility of doing presentation. (Lesson learnt again, be prepared!) But everything went well I guess, loud voice checked, eye contact checked (I think I did that) but the content hmm not comprehensive enough, nevermind. 

Oh we joined the KWAP programme today. Dapat kalendar comel, mouse (I don't really use it though) and notebook biru. And you wore blue too, nice. Amazed sebab semua hebat-hebat, semua ada good educational and working background. Cakap pasal future planning, career path and whatsoever. Kawan tanya, "apa plan kau?" Honestly, I don't have any future planning. I would loveee to see myself in the field of business yet I love accounting but I'm kinda scared to pursue the professional paper (it promises good position, they said) So, what's my plan?

Long-term planning;

Short-term planning;