بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

This 2-week semester break, I decided to bake to fill the boredom (let’s leave the house-cleaning to my sisters haha). Trying out the new oven since the old one already shattered into pieces, blame the vacuum cleaner. Okay blame the one who used the vacuum cleaner – that’s me. Well, accidents happen.

Aku ada prinsip “kenapa beli kalau boleh buat sendiri.” You see, people selling kek batik at price RM2.50 per piece, and it’s certainly not a very big piece. Since I can do it myself, I think it’s pretty expensive at that price with that size. Well, considering the labor time (why do I feel like I’m doing budgeting or some accounting thingy) the price is quite reasonable but like I said, I don’t feel like worth it to spend your money buying when you can actually make it yourself. You can count your labor time as forgone cost, you can cut your cost by buying good quality raw materials with low price. Okay this accounting thingy is getting real. After all it’s just you that are going to eat it, so don’t really mind the taste as long it is edible hahaha.

I love bake something that I love to eat – chocolate cake (already bored of it), congo bars, kek batik, brownies, chocolate chip cookies. Semua dah pernah buat, except brownies. Definitely a new challenge for me sebab nak dapat brownies yang seksi dengan kedut-kurang-kolagen tu bukan senang. Failed at first try, mungkin tak follow cara dia dengan betul and mungkin jugak sebab salah saiz tray – besaq sangat sampai brownies jadi nipis and keras, so ke tong sampah la dia. I ate fews, but it tasted awful. Sodih jugak la sebab tak menjadi but tried again and yay, I succeed on the second time. Kedut tu menjadi yay! It taste good but not so good but still sedap. Nahh not gonna bake for you.

Recipe? Neh you can search it yourself. Google kan hadooo. I follow the one shared by the seller on instagram @lilicups, moga murah rezeki akak tu, dahlah buat bisnes bakery pastu share resepi pulak. Okay, what should I bake next?