The Last Month

Last month - of waking up late, of doing the same house chores everyday, of bullying the sisters, of eating non-stop, of no revision at all. My semester break sounds so unproductive, huh? It can't be helped, I am like this - lazy as hell. Not to mention that I'm getting fatter too. There, I mentioned it. 3 months break almost come to the end and I'll be back to mahallah and back to study life. Hoping that I won't have that extreme kind of homesickness again. 3 months break, dude! How can you expect one won't feel homesick at all? Lucky those who took the short sem or live nearby. IF ONLY I KNOW that anyone can take the short sem, then I will probably take it because daaa, who want to have a study plan of one year and half when you can make it short to one year? Bad management.

Oh by the way, I deleted most of my old and crappy posts. And I remove my shoutbox because yeah, I don't do blogwalking anymore. I'm not so into that kind of blogging anymore. I blog in my own way. I write what I want, and I don't ask anyone to read it. And I've stopped doing tutorial. Because I started blogging four years ago just for fun, just me and my babbling story. Who cares if I don't have any reader because I simply don't mind. Okay, xoxo.