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High School

Jujur aku cakap, dalam banyak-banyak fasa life aku, aku paling sayang zaman sekolah menengah. Because in high school, I learnt a lot. Not just for academics, but for life as well. Masa tu jugaklah kau start melalui perubahan - puberty lah senang cite. Masa tu jugaklah kau kenal sape kawan sape lawan. Masa tu jugak lah kau gatal nak bercinta bagai nak rak padahal umur baru belasan tahun tak payah nak berangan lah, cinta monyet memang kekal menjadi monyet. Dushh kena batang hidung. And masa tu jugaklah kau rasa asyik nak rebel je kekadang rase nak main rempuh je school rules hiks. Eh aku tak, aku budak baik *wink*
Out of all 5 classes I've been throughout my high school years, I love 5 Sigma the most. And yeah 4 Sigma in second place. Because I'm so in love with Sigmarians. We're just like family, doing almost all things together. Makan nasi bungkus ramai-ramai sampai penuh dua meja besar kitorang conquer. Pantang nampak kamera, semua berpusu-pusu bertolak-tolak nak masuk d…

The Last Month

Last month - of waking up late, of doing the same house chores everyday, of bullying the sisters, of eating non-stop, of no revision at all. My semester break sounds so unproductive, huh? It can't be helped, I am like this - lazy as hell. Not to mention that I'm getting fatter too. There, I mentioned it. 3 months break almost come to the end and I'll be back to mahallah and back to study life. Hoping that I won't have that extreme kind of homesickness again. 3 months break, dude! How can you expect one won't feel homesick at all? Lucky those who took the short sem or live nearby. IF ONLY I KNOW that anyone can take the short sem, then I will probably take it because daaa, who want to have a study plan of one year and half when you can make it short to one year? Bad management.

Oh by the way, I deleted most of my old and crappy posts. And I remove my shoutbox because yeah, I don't do blogwalking anymore. I'm not so into that kind of blogging anymore. I blog…