I'm back, from hibernation. University life is quite okay but I've been through hard time for the first few weeks. On 10th June 2013, I was left alone by the family at CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya. When I was saying goodbye to them, I didn't cry at all so I thought, "Oh yes, I'll be fine by myself." But yeahh that didn't last long. I cried, everyday. Every single day dude! I felt like stupid because I see none of my roommates crying because of homesick. All of them talked on the phone with their parents happily, siap boleh gelak lagi. But me? Once I heard mama's voice, my heart's touched and I started to cry but I tried to hold back tears because I can barely talk if I'm crying. I don't know why, I'm not the closest one with mama but I miss mama the most.

Almost a week past by, we, Econs' student moved to IIUM Gombak on 15th June 2013. And yeah, I carried all my things by myself. Penat tak payah cakap lah. Bas tunggu jauh daripada Mahallah Khadijah, terpaksa jalan ulang-alik mengangkut barang. Arrived at Mahallah Maryam, Gombak, checked-in and I got room at the last block and not to forget, on the 4th floor. Udah ler blok paling jauh then tingkat 4 pulak? Lif takde sayang oii. Lenguh bahu kot angkut dua beg sandang sekaligus - depan dan belakang. Then beg yang paling berat tu, masyaAllah. Macam ade manusia dalam tuh. Memang terasa nak demam lah but please, this is Athirah, antibodi kuat derr. The good thing is, my roommates at Gombak are the same roommates when we're at Petaling Jaya.

It's been a week and I thought I was okay but no. I still crying of homesick. Lepas solat pun sempat lagi menangis. I miss home. I miss mama. I was alone because none of my schoolmate move to Gombak, all of them at Petaling Jaya. I can barely found Kelantanese so I'm having hard time to settle down with the communication because people don't understand Kelantanese [that pissed me off]. I didn't talk much, I've turned out to be somebody else, I kept silent most of the time. My roommates are from Perak, Shah Alam and Terengganu. The one from Terengganu just speaks in her accent but still, people can understand what was she saying. But sometimes I have to translate to others because the words of Terengganu and Kelantan don't have many differences.

21st June 2013 - It's been two weeks and I still feeling homesick. The second intake students registered in Gombak and yes, Piya is here with me. I told her how depressed I was. And she was going back home to her sister's house and there came this crazy idea. I went back with her, I went to Hentian putra, bought ticket to Kelantan and I made it. I went home by bus, alone. Afraid though but I couldn't stand feeling homesick any longer. I didn't tell mama I want to go home because mama will definitely wouldn't allow me to ride a bus alone. So I just told my sister and my aunt who is staying at Selayang - as a back-up plan if there is no ticket to Kelantan. And tadaa I made a surprise to mama the next morning and to ayah who just arrived from Alor Setar.

When I have to leave on that Sunday, I hug mama that morning before she go to work. I cried in her hug and I cried again in bus when mama texted me and said "Jangan nangis ya." Malu den pakcik driver bas tengok but who cares? I arrived in Gombak and I thought I'll cry again thinking of home but no. Apparently, mama's hug really worked! It calmed me, maybe. And without me realising it, I don't feel homesick anymore. I think the reasons why I was homesick because 1) I've never been away from family and 2) I didn't cry when I said goodbye to them at Petaling Jaya. Haha logik tak? Hmm anything possible.

Now I'm okay, living my life as the student of International Islamic University Malaysia.