Off to a new life

Assalamualaikum dan salam penghulu segala hari 

I'll be leaving tomorrow, yeah off to Key Ell. But now I'm in trouble with my things, too much for a person. Can't figure out how can I settle this problem. Imagine, how can I carry a large luggage, a pillow, a pail full of toiletries and a backpack in a same time when I move to Gombak? I'll be staying at CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya first before moving to IIUM Gombak after taaruf week (orientation week) - only students of Economics and Management Sciences. My problem is with that large luggage, it's heavy to death. Anyway, I won't be updating my blog for the first few weeks, because I didn't bring my laptop and I don't have any broadband yet. Updating thru phone is not a good idea to me. But I'll surely write about the taaruf week, just wanna share to those people who maybe wants to know how's taaruf week is. I bet it's an awesome experience to be shared. Stay tuned, I'll be back :)\

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