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Off to a new life

Assalamualaikum dan salam penghulu segala hari ♥
I'll be leaving tomorrow, yeah off to Key Ell. But now I'm in trouble with my things, too much for a person. Can't figure out how can I settle this problem. Imagine, how can I carry a large luggage, a pillow, a pail full of toiletries and a backpack in a same time when I move to Gombak? I'll be staying at CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya first before moving to IIUM Gombak after taaruf week (orientation week) - only students of Economics and Management Sciences. My problem is with that large luggage, it's heavy to death. Anyway, I won't be updating my blog for the first few weeks, because I didn't bring my laptop and I don't have any broadband yet. Updating thru phone is not a good idea to me. But I'll surely write about the taaruf week, just wanna share to those people who maybe wants to know how's taaruf week is. I bet it's an awesome experience to be shared. Stay tuned, I'll be back :)\
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Assalamualaikum and peace yo! ♥
Throwback zaman muda.
Today, let's just give the spotlight to this person. The youngest among four of us but the most mature I guess. Okay that's a fact actually, not just a wild guess. Aku panggil dia limau, sebab muka dia bulat macam limau mandarin. She's okay with that though haha. FYI, dia cakap bila dia tengok Perry the Platypus dalam citer Phineas and Ferb tu, die teringat kat aku. Haha seriously, do I look like platypus? Grrrrr *bunyi Perry* And so, who's this person? Yea, a girl named Nor Nabihah binti Mohd Azmi. I prefer calling her Bie. "Bie~ Bie~"
I don't remember when I exactly know her but all I know, we're classmates in Standard 6. But then we went into high school, and we're classmates again in Form 1. Sejak tulah aku mula rapat dengan Bie the Buzzlightyear ni. Then bila Form 2, agak renggang sikit sebab lain-lain kelas and kelas pulak jauh-jauh. So agak kemalasan lah nak berulang-alik tu haha. We…