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D-day : SPM 2012 Result

Assalamualaikum earthlings.

So,  yesterday was the D-day - hari result SPM keluar. Malam sebelum tu memang tak boleh tidur. Habis position tukar tapi still tak boleh lelap mata. Hmm tak boleh tidur sebab gelisah pasal result? Oh bukan, sebabnya petang tu dah tidur. Haha *kena hempuk dengan bantal*
That morning, aku tak rasa pape pun, just asyik teringat kat mamat handsome and caring dalam mimpi. Sayang tak dapat ingat muka dia. Nak dekat pukul 10 tu badan dah start shaking shaking, lenguh-lenguh bagai. Pukul 10 bertolak ke sekolah sambil klik send kat phone. Haha hantar mesej kat orang hot kelmarin, Incik 15888. Well, this happened when you don't have confidence in yourself. Bukanlah, itew saje nak prepare kot2 result teruk, boleh pura-pura pengsan time ambik result tu. Baru cool, gila cool, Coolblog. Oh somebody treat me a Coolblog please, I'm craving.
And so Incik 15888 replied.

I was like : "Heh?" "Where's the B, where's the A-?" "Penipu la Inc…

A week to go

Assalamualaikum :)

I'm not good in counting days for the D-day but I'm pretty sure there's just a week to go.
[D-day means important day. Thanks to essay book because I learnt this word when I was copying essays last year. And special thanks to the teacher for giving us the task to copy essays, otherwise I'll never know this word.]
And ... D-day that I was talking about is, the day for SPM result. I don't have any good feeling bout this and I'll just accept it no matter how bad it is. Well, nobody hopes for the bad, right? But I'll get myself prepared, just in case. I have this feeling that saying something will be twisted on my result. Be it better or be it worst than trial's result. I was way too stupid for putting so much effort in trial but I just gave a relaxing touch on the actual SPM. Bet everyone can guess how's my result going to be.
Two years struggling for SPM, I got quite a good result for each exam everytime. I got number one in class e…