I never had such amazing classmates in my life. I meant all, not some of them or fews but ALL. I never know that we're bonding until the day we had our iftar together. From that, I knew this is my other family. A family where I got brothers and sisters of the same age. Pretty awesome, huh?

And now, we are apart. Away from each other and the sadness killing me. I just miss my brothers and sisters damn much. Everytime I look at my DSLR, the flashback comes - about how Sigmarians were so excited to be in a picture. Once the camera was on standby, everyone ran and got into perfect position. My Sigmarians are all camera-maniac.

There are lotsa memories of Sigmarians but I just can't describe it in words. I will cry at the thought of it. We never get to say goodbye and some of you never want to say goodbye. As if that was not the last. As if we all will be meeting again, completely as 28. I feel half of my life where pulled away just like that. Lifeless.

I don't know why but I feel like breaking up with a boyfriend while I'm actually breaking up with my brothers and sisters.