School leaver

School's over, forever. Now I'm officially a school leaver. Back then, I can't wait to be a school leaver but now I realised there's nothing fun about that. Well, there is - sleep all the time. Nehh there is no way I will be wasting my time for sleep. Still got lotsa works to do. Go to driving class and learn how to cook. And doing part-time job maybe?

Yesterday, the last moment with Sigmarians which I wish it wasn't the last. Nehh it's not the last, right? But still, I start missing y'all already. I was kinda upset because I didn't get to meet all Sigmarians. And some of y'all left without saying goodbye. Jyeah I know it's hard but leaving like that was a mean thing to do.

No worry, still got our memories held tightly in my heart. Okay sentimental much. Just a few months from now, we'll be meeting again. Grab our result and graduate. I pray to Allah so that all of us will graduate, in shaa allah.

Oh btw, exam went well. Except for History and Physics. And Bahasa Melayu and English - gosh my essays suck! I'm not hoping for straight A+'s because I know I can't but still hoping the best. I'm just scared that I can't be the best for Sigmarians. Guys and gals, I'm sorry if I let you down. And to Ayah and Mama, sorry if I'm worst than Syiqin. I've tried my best but still not the best from the best.