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A Night to Remember

Beautiful dresses, super hot-looking guys, awesome makeups, adorable heels and outstanding hijab fashions. Yuna, Hana Tajima and Maria Elena were everywhere. I saw all of that on that night, our glamorous night. Dinner for form 5 students was held at The Grand Riverview Hotel. We spent a night there and of course, just a night can bring thousands memories.
My dressing wasn't that stunning, just simple. Wearing grey dress, with a simple touch of BB cream and compact powder, and lip balm muacks. I sat on Table 16 and lemme tell you, Table 16 was the best - we laughed for no reason, we danced to disco music, we sang to love songs and we shouted till everyone turned to us. Well that's embarassing but who cares? It's our night and girls just wanna have fun oyeah.
I don't know what else to say. I just can't describe how amazing that night was with words. Lemme just feed you with these photos.

Trial SPM

Just finished my last subject for SPM trial today - Akaun, and I messed up. Most of the soalan memang tak boleh jawab. Average, memang semua subjek untuk trial ni agak payah sikit, but I'm not really sure memang soalan payah atau aku yang tak prepare dengan baik. Ape pun, just tawakal kepada Allah untuk result yang akan datang nanti. And kalau result agak okay, I'm ready to hear from my friends, saying "Cakap susah lah, payah la, tapi boleh A jugak." Memang ayat wajib dah kot bila dapat result. Dear friends, it hurts me, you know?
Hoping for great result ;)