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Tutorial : Scroll Box Dalam Entri


Hari ni, Tyrah nak buat tuto letak scroll box dalam entri. See this scrolling box? Yes that's it! Kalau korang nak entri korang yang panjang lebar tu nampak kemas, boleh la try oke?

1. Dashboard > New Post

2. Switch mode ke 'Edit Html'

3. Copy code kat bawah ni & paste dalam kotak new post tadi.
<center><div style="border-radius: 10px; border: 1px dashed #78d2f0; height: 150px; overflow: auto; width: 400px;">
Entri korang
</div></center>Notes :
- Hijau : Saiz lengkung border
- Pink : Ketebalan border
- Orange : Type of border ( dashed / dotted / solid )
- Purple : Kaler border
- Merah : Tukar dengan ayat korang
- Height & width boleh adjust ikut taste sendiri.

4. If korang nak letak gambar, boleh je. Tukar semula mode ke 'Compose'.

5. Korang klik je dalam kotak scroll box tu, then add gambar macam biase. Tekan simbol insert image tu untuk upload gambar.

Done. Happy trying :)

Random Stories

I was kind of hurt today.
People never know how to care about other feelings. Well, just some of them. I don't wanna talk about this actually. Just trying to express my feeling and hoping it would be better but no. It will never be okay. Nevermind, I'm already used to it.
Happy holiday, you guys and gals. Exam is over and now it's holiday. Technically, yes it is a holiday. But for students, holiday isn't holiday. We still have a lot and lot of homeworks to be done. But I don't mind. Homeworks are like practices. And you know, practice make perfect.
The extra class will be starting next Tuesday ... nothing to say except "I don't like it!"
By the way, after Yasin recital this morning, I saw Alice, the Italian student who came to our school early this year, recited Asma Al-Husna. At first, I thought she was talking to someone but no. She really recited the Asma Al-Husna, the names of Allah. I was amazed because she remembered it all. Ev…