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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I was the chosen one today sebab fattah amin dah clash dengan girlfriend dia. Okay no, not this.

Okay I was called to talk in front during class today. This is how this class goes, lecturer will call random names to talk about certain topics discussed in the class. I hate it but I love this way, it makes you think faster. It gives me the chance to improve. So, I wasn't aware today, not as nervous as I used to be, waiting to be called, because it was the last discussion class and I don't expect I would ever been choosen. I was too 'khusyuk' writing the topic title in my notes, and then my classmate said my name. And yes, madam called my name. (No, it's not that she has sixth sense or telepathy or whatever you call it, it was simply because my name was on the last paper of the name list, and she saw madam looking through that page, so yeah ..)

Really? Of all these days, why is the day when my face is totally swollen I was being called in front? What a shame, I looked like as if I woke up 5 minutes before class. No, muka ceq memang sembab pagi-pagi aaaaa. Dengan current muka yang penuh jerawat batu bata dengan parut jerawat tak hilang-hilang. It was embarrassing but at least, I managed to speak calmly (I hope I sounded calm haha) I even did the flower pose when madam said "You're still young." Kau pehal kau ingat comel? Pardon me, blame the spontaneous gesture.

Got presentations tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2 Kisah Tragis

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

One month since the last post. Being too busy with you know, sleep. The worst short semester ever because all I did was sleeping like a beast. Dah memang dugong takkan ah nak sleep like a beauty ye dok? Haih anak dara padia lagu ni. Pantang ada masa free, tidoq. Pantang habis kelas awal, tidoq. Pantang kelas start lambat, tidoq. Pastu merungut lagi penat lah. Memang la penat, tidoq overdose.

What happened to me so far?

Tomyam tumpah atas laptop.
Matric card hilang.

Alkisah tomyam tu, em kalau tau dek mama ayah ni, confirm depa akan cakap "Ha makan la lagi sambil menghadap laptop." Malam kejadian tu, ceq kena siapkan resume untuk kelas English. Mati kutu den maso tu, nasib baik ada google docs tapi jenuh jugaklah nak menaip pakai handphone. Physical keyboard still the best, lagi copek den menaip. Nasib baik teringat ada brother ni iklan dia punya servis kat page iium. Terus cari, whatsapp, ha tudiaaa dia mai ambik laptop kat mahallah ni kau. Sonang bebeno la cita dia servis dengan dia ni. Esok tu dah siap haa. Cost me RM195 to repair the motherboard and keyboard. Duit yang terbang bagaikan air paip~ *nyanyi ikut irama lagu Sudirman okay*

Lopeh tu, matric card pulok. The last time I recalled myself holding it was on last Friday night, ceq keluar malam tu pi bukak puasa kat Pop's Eatery. Sumpah fries dia dengan cheese tu best!


Eh teriklan jap. Isnin nak pergi kelas tu dah rasa macam dia takde, tapi tak check sebab biasanya ada je dalam beg tu. Semalam cari selongkar segala beg, sah memang takde. Sakit kepala dah cuba nak trace balik last pegang dia kat mana. Maybe terjatuh and tak perasan. Tak buat report lagi ni sebab nak try tanya pakcik cleaner and guard dulu. Kalau takde jugak, bolehlah start balik nyanyi lagu kat ataih tu. Will cost me around RM30-RM50 and the worst part is, kaler kad matrik gantian ni tak selawa yang lama punya. Cis, now it will give double displeasure to look at my own matric card.

Bulan ni habis duit untuk kecuaian diri sendiri. Should be extra extra careful next time.

Monday, June 27, 2016


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Alkisah jumaat lepas, aku sesat. Oh bukan dalam hutan, sesat kat jalanraya ni je hahaha. Cerita dia, aku pergi Puchong hantar fon untuk repair, and boleh pulak terlupa bawak lagi satu fon untuk backup. After tinggal fon kat kedai tu, I have no communication gadget at all. Kononnya lah boleh ingat jalan nak balik rumah ayah kat Shah Alam tu sebab masa cuti Nuzul Quran hari tu pergi jalan-jalan dengan ayah kat area situ, so dengan yakinnya boleh ingat jalan ni.

Masuk highway tu dah betul dah, sekali bila banyak exit, ha sudahh confuse mana satu. Padan muka selama ni bergantung kat Waze je bila drive kat key ell ni. After solat Jumaat ayah dah tunggu kat rumah sebab kitorang nak balik kelantan. Pusing punya pusing ha sudah entah seksyen mana aku masuk. I cried, literally. Hahahaha sapa tak panik weh. Ayah kau tengah tunggu kat rumah, and kau pulak takleh nak call dia nak bagitau kau sesat and kau takde peta or whatsoever things yang boleh tolong kau and kau seorang diri. Kang tak pepasal sampai ke Johor hahaha. Siap sesat kat kawasan industri tu tak menahan, tapi memang rumah dekat area situ pun. Macam-macam aku pikir cara nak cari jalan, nak pakai laptop tak boleh sebab takde internet. 

Aku rasa aku duk berpusing-pusing dalam area yang betul dah, cuma tak tahu makin dekat or makin jauh. Pusing punya pusing, tetiba keluar ke jalan yang aku dah familiar. Non-stop aku cakap Alhamdulillah sebab finally jumpa jalan balik rumah after 1 hour plus sesat berpusing kat area Shah Alam tu. Hahaha sejam weh sesat! Bukak pintu rumah, nampak ayah tengah baring tengok tv. Selamba je dia cakap, "mesti sesat tu." Hahaha sampai hati, aku punyalah cuak, boleh je dia buat selamba.

Lesson learnt; jangan tau drive je, ingat jalan sekali.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

It does feels good to be immersed in the fiction world. I read Fangirl written by Rainbow Rowell and it makes me fall in love with fiction writing. Okay I love reading fiction but never really good at writing it, so yeah to major in English literature probably not a good idea for me. Sometimes when you have passion in something, doesn't necessarily mean you're good at it. I once wished that I could at least write a book, but that dream long gone. I'm easily excited of something and easily bored of it too. Too bad, I hope I'm not like that with people. Otherwise, I will end up not marrying anyone. Okay why are we talking about marriage now? ... It's not we, it's me. Where were we? Oh the book.

I'm so in love with Levi (one of the characters). From the start, I never thought he likes Cath (the main character), because he's just been hanging out and studying with Cath's roommate in their dorm room and he's extremely gentleman by offering to walk Cath back from the library at night. Like, he came from their dorm room to the library just to walk Cath home (read: room). Aww I love that he try to protect Cath. He also drive Cath home that is miles away when she had family emergency. Well that actually seems more like a brother but who cares, that's what gentleman do, right?

I just don't know how to put this together but he's sweet. Go and read that book. At least if he doesn't suit your taste, he does suit mine. When he finally confessed that he likes Cath, everything makes sense from the way he acts towards Cath. I just love that he tried to win Cath's heart through manner. Manner maketh man, right? Usually, this kind of book has the guy character that try to win the girl through direct flirting, touching here and there which emm not preferable. Yeah I know they're not Islam haha but still for a Muslim who read that kind of book would find that guy as 'takleh-buat-laki' kind of guy. But Levi, yeah I would consider him to be my husband hahahahah okay just kidding.

Oh and I like that the author makes Levi as a student who cares about his study and didn't potray him as university student who loves hanging out and partying, flirting, skipping classes and get bad grades. He keep saying that his not a book person but he records and listens to the lectures. He understands the courses better by doing that, which I think that's pretty good idea. He find ways to success, not merely giving up. Noted that; whatever weaknesses you have, saying 'I don't know' or giving up are not the options. Find alternatives or you can learn. Okay aku ni dah macam bedah buku apahal?

Not to forget, the main character - Cath. Can you see how obsessed I am with Levi that I put main character in second place hahaha this is so wrong. I mean like, she's the main character you know. Okay, about Cath, I'm pretty much like her. She has twin, Wren who went to the same university. She felt betrayed when Wren choose to stay in separate room at the university after all those years before they've been spending together. (Twins can relate) Like me, I have a sister who are just a year older and we're very close. I did asked her to choose IIUM after her matriculation but too bad IIUM didn't accept students from matriculation. Cath didn't want to meet new people because she's way too obsessed with her online fanfiction friends. Disclaimer; I'm not like that. Oookayyy maybe a little bit. I love spilling out everything through writing instead of talking to someone because nobody's there to listen anywhere hahaha nobody wants to listen to somebody else's problems. Nobody. People loves to talk huh but they never want to listen. Seriously dude, you have to listen if you want people to listen to you.

Oh and the similar part, which is my favourite part is, Cath has pear-shaped body hahaha. Dear Rainbow Rowell, I love you for making me believe that people with pear-shaped body could actually be attractive to some people. Well of course, it takes the right eyes to see and what important is, the heart. Lawa tapi hati busuk buatpa? Tapi ni yang tak lawa and hati pun tak berapa nak wangi ni acano? Okay bawak diri kejap ...

I'm done, I thought this is just going to be short but apparently, it's not. Feel free not to read this, it's boring I know. I can understand and review a book, but I can barely understand what I read in Quran. I hope I could understand the Quran the way I easily understand the book. It's a shame to be good in worldly matters other than your religion. I'm trying, and let's all keep trying. I'm not even good at critical thinking but I waste my time reviewing and understanding the characters duhhh. Now this review ended up with miserable feeling ...